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Businesses for Sale in Kitchener, Ontario
A brief overview of Kitchener's local economy

If you are searching for businesses for sale in Kitchener, Ontario there are some excellent opportunities to explore.  Before you embark on your search for a new business though, how familiar are you with the city of Kitchener, Ontario and its local business climate?  This article is a brief overview, for your reference.

Three for the price of one!
The city of Kitchener is sometimes referred to as KW or “Kitchener-Waterloo” as the city of Waterloo is adjacent directly to the north.  It is also referred to a the ‘tri-cities’ or ‘tri-city area’ as the smaller city of Cambridge is adjacent directly to the south.  Kitchener’s population is just over 200,000 residents while the population of the tri-city area is over 450,000 combined.  The implication for you as a business buyer is the size of the market, three cities in such proximity to one another.  If you are looking for a small business for sale in Kitchener, think about the market impacts that Cambridge and Waterloo could have on your operations as well.

Economic Diversity
Kitchener, Ontario has its roots in manufacturing.  Approximately 25% of the work force is involved in the manufacturing / industrial sector.  During the economic downturn, this sector has been hit deeper than other sectors of the economy such as health care or even technology.  That being said, there is an abundance of skilled labour in the city and the Kitchener can be said to be experiencing a shift away from the downtown.  Kitchener’s downtown is less dynamic today than it once was but economic growth and building has taken pace in the periphery of the city, in its suburban areas.  In Waterloo, there are 2 major universities and several technology companies have head offices here, including Research in Motion (RIM). 

Kitchener has an excellent transportation infrastructure.  The Conestoga Parkway is a major thoroughfare across the city and the city is served well by rail, public transit and the Region of Waterloo International Airport is close by.  If you are thinking of businesses for sale in Kitchener and transportation is an issue for your success, contact the city for more information.

Kitchener is located in southwestern Ontario.  It is a short drive away from London, Hamilton and Toronto.  The city is right off of the Hwy 401.  If you are searching for businesses for sale in Kitchener that depend on a central Ontario location, accessibility to major markets and customers then you should think about some of the benefits that operating a business in Kitchener can do for you.

Range of Business Opportunities
There are a wide variety of business opportunities available in Kitchener – if this is where you want to purchase a company.  There are the traditional small business opportunities like retail, flower shops, restaurants, gas stations, car washes and service businesses.  But there are also many options to consider in the manufacturing industry and distribution as well.  If you are serious about buying a business for sale in Kitchener you should talk to a business brokerage to discuss the options.  Also, contact your lawyer and accountant as well, as their services will be needed during any business sale transaction. The advice to consult with third party professionals also applies if you're an owner that is pondering selling a business.

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