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Selling a Business

Thinking of Selling?

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Thinking of selling your business? 
We can help.

We have many buyers looking for good businesses to buy.


Work with our professional business brokerage to sell your business

We service Toronto, the GTA and southern Ontario and sell businesses ranging in value from $100,000 to $10 million.

Please contact us at 905-592-1525 (Burlington) or via contact form to discuss selling a business in Toronto (GTA) or southern Ontario, Canada.


Why Use Us To Sell Your Business?

We Have A Database of Buyers Looking For Good Businesses To Buy
We talk to business buyers on a daily basis and maintain a large database of qualified purchasers looking for good businesses to buy.  We have many serious buyers with the financial resources needed to buy a business.  The types of businesses that our buyers are looking for must be profitable and with verifiable financial information.  Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested in selling.

Our Goal Is The Same As Yours - To Sell Your Business For The Best Price
Our fee is success-based and is earned by successfully closing deals.  In other words, we only get compensated when your business sells.  We will not charge you any "upfront fees", monthly fees, retainers or any other fees.  Our goal is the same as yours - to sell your business for the best possible price we can.  Our results are based on confidentiality, competence and integrity.

We Can Help Find You a Buyer For Your Business

Some business owners underestimate the complexity involved in selling a business and try to go it alone.  By going it alone, a business seller can be at a major financial disadvantage by not having access to a large number of serious buyers needed to get the maximum selling price for their business. 
We can help find you a buyer for your business and will assist you throughout the process.

We Can Help Get You a Higher Selling Price
Exposing the business to multiple buyers on the open market can result in a significantly higher selling price and better overall deal terms for a business owner.  We can expose your business to the open market and will work tenaciously with you to help get you the best overall deal, terms and selling price for your business.

Keep the Business Sale Confidential
Selling a business is much different than selling real estate.  The sale of a company must be confidential so as not to alert customers, employees or competitors.  We will protect the identity of your company and will not advertise your company's identity. 

We Can Help You Avoid Costly Mistakes
Some business owners try to sell their businesses themselves and seriously regret doing so.  The problem with this strategy is that a business owner may not have the expertise or time to manage the sale of a business through to completion and many expensive mistakes can be made along the way.  Most business owners have never sold a business before and this can lead to costly mistakes along the way.

A professional business broker can sell your business for you
, save you time and help you avoid expensive mistakes along the way.

We focus exclusively on selling businesses valued from $100,000 to $10 million in the Toronto area & southern Ontario

Selling a Business is Much Different Than Selling Real Estate

The process to sell a business is different than selling residential or commercial real estate.  The expertise required in selling a small business and the overall process involved is different than the real estate marketplace.  Work with a
professional experienced in the field of business brokerage to successfully sell your business.

How We Will Assist You in Selling Your Business
Determine a listing price
business seller
Calculating the right listing price for your business using several different valuation methods is something we will assist you with.  We should also be able to give you an idea of the price range that your business is likely to sell for.  It is critically important to list your business at the right selling price in order to successfully sell it.

Selling a business is about much more than just getting the listing price right though.  There are other deal points that can be just as important (if not more so) than the listing price that we can talk to you about.  We can discuss with you issues like what a buyer may need to do to successfully get financing for the acquisition (which is much more challenging for a business purchase versus a real estate purchase) and other important issues such as transitioning of inventory, work-in-progress valuation, potential vendor financing and terms, employee issues, customer issues and so on.  

The sale of a business usually gets quite involved and proper planning from the beginning and early engagement with the right professional team makes a significant difference in the selling price you receive, deal terms, how quickly your business is sold and how much of the after-tax proceeds you get to keep after the sale.

Normalize the business financial information

To get a true picture of the economic performance of your business, your company's financial information will need to be normalized.  Selling a business can be very much a 'numbers game' that we can assist you with. 

Buyers want to understand what the true economic performance of a business is.  We will help you in recasting your financial information to determine its 'seller's discretionary income' and other important profit & cashflow financial metrics so that buyers can get a true understanding of your business's financial performance and profitability.

Create a marketing package for business buyers

Business buyers usually 'shop around' for a business for sale
until they find one that best fits their needs.  It is important to always showcase your business to potential buyers in the best possible way.  We will create a customized business information package to present to interested buyers. 

The identity of your business will remain confidential until a non-disclosure form is signed by the prospective purchaser, at which point the buyer will receive a more fulsome information package.  We always advise clients that before disclosing detailed financial information, that we first receive a conditional offer with a deposit or letter of intent (LOI).

Protect the confidentiality of the sale
Rest assured that we will act with discretion when representing you and will market the business confidentially to prospective buyers.

Suggestions to make your business more salable
Dealing with a business intermediary that is active in the business sales market will give you the advantage of qualified advice to know what you can do in advance, to make your company more attractive to in interested buyers.

Find business buyers - and qualify them
We market businesses aggressively (and confidentially).  We can advertise to our large database of business buyers, online, newspapers, magazines and through out influential network of professionals and other professionals.  We will put together the right plan that works to find you the purchaser of your business.

We will strive to find buyers for your business and qualify everyone's financial position, seriousness and capability before introducing them to your company.

age the sale negotiations
Transacting a small business sale is completely different than a typical real estate transaction.  There is usually (much) more complexity and emotion involved and there is a certain level of tension and apprehension that must be bridged.  We will act as an intermediary to keep the lines of communication open between all parties involved in the deal.

Assist in the due diligence process
Due diligence is the process whereby the business buyer checks the facts and details regarding the business.  Due diligence is typically done after a conditional offer or letter of intent is accepted and it allows the buyer to do his or her 'homework' on the business prior to going firm with the deal.  Due diligence is one of the most critical periods of a business sale.  It is when the buyer pours over the company financials and examines the
business operations and other issues (example - environmental, staff, legal, market, etc.).  Our role is to help facilitate communication between the parties during the due diligence process.

Due diligence is one of the most important aspects of selling your business and both buyers and sellers should always rely on their lawyer, chartered accountant and other professionals as required to assist here, in order to make fully informed decisions.

Keep information flowing
When a business is sold there is a tremendous amount of information that must go back and forth.  Our role is to keep the deal moving along by facilitating communication between the buyer & seller and also the lawyers, accountants, bank, franchisor, landlord, leasing company, etc.  Business
buyers are usually more comfortable dealing with a business intermediary than with a seller directly, so they can be more open and direct.

The decision to sell your business is a major step.  Most people have many questions about how to sell a business and how best to attract qualified buyers. 

Contact us for a confidential consultation to discuss the process of selling your business.

As a business brokerage client of ours you can expect:
  • Professional Approach
  • Real World Experience 
  • Industry Experience 
  • Technical Expertise
  • Tenacity
  • Creativity  
  • Open Communication 
  • Advice & Support 
  • A Focus on Selling Businesses
Contact us to discuss selling your business.

We service the southern Ontario, Canada marketplace including Toronto, the GTA, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton and the Golden Horseshoe. We focus on selling profitable businesses valued from $100,000 to $10 million.